Our Mission is to educate people about the military heritage of this and other countries as well as to preserve, restore and display military memorabilia from the Revolutionary War to present.

Museum Collection

Although the Museum has many items of military memorabilia that have been donated, some are of significant historical value.

They include:
Two original seating charts used at the Nuremberg War Crime Trials by a guard to seat those Germans being tried. We also have this same guard’s uniform on display. (One copy of the program is on loan to a Holocaust museum.)

On permanent loan from the Mansfield Collection is an original Declaration of War from Japan on the United States and Great Britain. It was one of fifty sent to diplomatic corps members and attaches. The original postal cancellations stamp for VJ Day (September 2, 1945) from General McArthur’s headquarters in Yokohama, Japan. (This was recently featured in Reminisce magazine.)

A very rare Civil War documents showing battlefield promotions for an Indiana man, one of which is on “sheepskin” as well as all denominations of Confederate money, all in excellent condition. We also have a 12 pound Civil War cannon ball, documents and firearms on display.

Six WWI uniforms, most complete, some of wool and some heavy cotton. One is a Marine uniform, which is rare. Our collection of WWI memorabilia is quite large and includes many archived photos, documents, medals & insignia and a collection of letters written over a four year period by a WWI aviator. This same aviator’s family donated two large, framed, canvas insignia. One insignia came from a downed German plane and the other came from the aviator’s plane. (The tradition was to land your plane and cut the insignia from the plane that you downed.)

A 1905 3” cannon donated to the Museum by the 428th Field Artillery Headquarters. This rare cannon, only 200 ever made, has been fully restored. It will be displayed in the new facility in the Spring of 1999. It was manufactured by Bethlehem Steel the year they incorporated in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

A static display of military vehicles including an M114 armored reconnaissance vehicle, a M110A1 Self-propelled howitzer and an M578 tank retriever along with others added periodically by The Department of the Army-Center for Military History.

There are over 5000 items in the Museum collection including memorabilia, uniforms, medals, documents, posters, photographs, citations/awards, firearms, edged weapons, books, magazines and other printed material. The Museum maintains an excellent reference library and archive for researchers/ students of military history.